Benemax Elderberry Syrup 118ml (Clearance)

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Clearance: May 2024 Expiry Date (still good beyond date) 

Designed for immune support in adults. This is an optimized medicinal syrup containing nature’s best immune stimulants as well as natural glucose flavouring to provide a delicious taste and boost of energy.

Elderberry, Zinc, and Vitamin C have all been associated with reduction of symptoms of cold and flu. Deficiencies of vitamin C and Zinc have been associated with depressed immune function.

Choose the great-tasting, energy-boosting elderberry syrup made for adults providing respiratory relief and a fast-acting energy boost!


Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to relieve symptoms of cold and flu and as a diaphoretic. Helps to maintain, support and improve immune function.


Adolescents and Adults (5 years and older): 2 teaspoons (10mL) per day.

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