Boardgains - Bodyweight Edition - Play Anywhere!

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It's the small things you do every day that add up to your motivation to stay fit and healthy, and it's always a work in progress. In this journey to better health, you often forget the best part - to have some fun! What started as a bootcamp has now been gamified to a board game - Boardgains. And now everyone can experience a fun, motivating, and exciting way of working out, with a hint of competitiveness while bringing friends & family together.

In this game, players roll the dice, move their game piece, complete exercises, and collect gains by completing a lap around the board. Win the game by collecting the set number of gains before anyone else.

Oh, and did we tell that it comes with a twist? You Betcha! BoardGains comes with "Lucky? Play Cards" that can either help you gain an advantage in the game or cause a disadvantage.

Time: 60 mins.  Players: 1-10. Ages: 14+

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