Built Bar Puffs 40g

Flavour: Coconut
Sale price$3.97


 Built Puffs are here! What are Built Puffs, you ask?  Well, they are a bit of heaven on earth. Marshmallow heaven, that is.  The first and only collagen protein bar with amazing marshmallow texture, Built does it again.  It has a delicious texture, flavor, and, of course, it is covered in Built’s signature 100% chocolate. You will quickly forget this is a protein bar, thinking of it more as a tasty treat.  Feel good about that. 

Save when you mix and match 12 protein bars! 

Buy 12 bars and receive a Mix and Match price discount. (Original price for 12 bars at $3.97 each = $47.64. 12 bar mix and match price = $44.77)

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