EATLOVE Organic Choco Cups 51-52g

Flavours: Organic Coconut Cup
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The Best Organic, Dairy Free, Gluten Free choco cups you’ll ever eat!

Organic Coconut Cup 

The layers of coconut flavor are fresh and inspiring to the taste buds. Sweetened with high quality raw organic honey, the texture is sumptuous and smooth, enveloped in our delicious dairy-free chocolate. A treat that will transport you to a sunny day at the beach!

INGREDIENTS: Chocolate* (cacao butter*, coconut*, cane sugar* cacao paste*) shredded coconut*, raw honey*, tapioca syrup*, coconut milk powder *(maltodextrin*), coconut oil*, natural coconut extract. *Organic

Organic Peanut Butter Cup 

An everyday-luxury treat with a rich peanut butter centre, both creamy and crunchy, enveloped in a decadent chocolate coating. Top quality organic Ingredients ~ all vegan!

Ingredients: Chocolate* (cacao butter*, cane sugar*, cacao*, coconut*), peanut butter*, cane sugar*, peanut powder*, crispy rice* (brown rice flour* , cane sugar*, sea salt, molasses*), sea salt, *Organic

Organic Almond Butter Cup 

A delightfully crunchy and tender Almond Butter Centre with a hint of cinnamon to warm your heart! Top quality organic Ingredients ~ all vegan! 

Ingredients: Chocolate* (cacao*, cane sugar*, cacao butter*), coconut*, almond butter*, raw cane sugar*, cacao butter*, brown sugar*, almonds*, gluten-free oats*, crispy rice* (brown rice flour*, cane sugar*, sea salt, molasses*), cinnamon*, natural almond extract, sea salt.


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