Lifttech Padded Leather Belt 4" & 6"

Width: 4"
Size: S
Sale price$44.97


The Lifttech Padded Leather 4" Belt is engineered for security during your heaviest of lifts. Its contoured fit and foam cushioning reduce friction and improve stability, while its double prong steel buckle offers added security. Tan leather and brushed leather interior retain muscle warmth for maximum support. Perfect for Squat, Deadlift, Bench and other heavy-lifting exercises.
The 6” Padded Leather Belt offers extra-wide support to reduce strain on your lower back during heavy lifting. It comes with a double prong steel buckle closure system which allows you to tighten the belt for proper abdominal engagement. The brushed leather lining and interior foam cushioning provide warmth for your muscles while lifting. Crafted from durable real leather, the belt feels great initially and only gets better with use. We've included a heavy-duty steel buckle with a seamless roller for easy tensioning.

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