Proline Vita Paks Formulated for Men 30 Packets

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What is Vita-Paks™ for Men?
Vita-Paks™ for Men is all your daily vitamins and nutrients in one convenient pack that can fit in your pocket. Each packet contains 8 capsules, and each bottle contains 30 packets.

What does Vita-Paks™ for Men do?
Vita-Paks™ provides advanced nutritional support for active men and those with a poor diet. Our formula provides extra nutrients that simply can’t fit into a regular multiple one-a-day. These include extra Vitamin C and E, more calcium and magnesium, essential fatty acids, and more. If you are serious about training hard or just want to ensure you get your daily allocation of vitamins and nutrients, Vita-Paks™ for Men will help you do this plus more!

Each bottle of Vita-Paks™ for Men includes:

  • 30 individually sealed Once-A-Day Packs (240 capsules total)
  • Each pack includes 8 easy to swallow capsules. No heavy, bulky, & hard to swallow tablets
  • Full Spectrum of Multi Minerals
  • Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids
  • Greens Super Food Complex
  • High-Potency Vitamin B Complex
  • Vitamin C Complex with Bioflavonoids

Why Are PROLINE Vita-Paks™ Different?
No tablets. Capsules are guaranteed to digest, whereas tablets have often been found to pass through the body undigested or only partially digested.

Natural Beta Carotene. Almost all vitamin products use the inexpensive and worthless synthetic Beta Carotene. If the label does not clearly state that the Beta Carotene is natural, then it is synthetic.

Advanced forms of nutrients: Methylcobalamin is the new generation of Vitamin B-12, replacing the less efficient Cyanocobalamin form. Buffered Vitamin C is retained in the body much longer than the cheaper ascorbic acid form, commonly used. Equal ratio of calcium to magnesium addresses the more common lack of magnesium, not calcium, in the modern diet, and the athlete’s higher requirement for magnesium.

Extra nutritional support not found in most multi-packs including: Omega 3 Fatty Acids; Enzymes; Siberian Ginseng; Saw Palmetto; Chlorophyll. No time release, which is now known to be an invalid technology for vitamins.

No excessively high levels of vitamins, which are a burden to the liver, as well as simply creating expensive urine. Nutrients for men including extra Zinc and Selenium, and Boron and Saw Palmetto for testosterone balance. No Iron, since excess iron is now linked to heart disease in men.

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