PVL Clean Mass XL 5LB & 10LB

Flavour: Vanilla Ice Cream
Quantity: 10LB
Sale price$109.97


Our delicious clean mass gainer is made with 25 real food ingredients to sustain you for superior performance. Unlike basic weight gainers, every powerhouse scoop of CLEAN MASS XL is loaded with complete muscle building protein (whey, milk, fermented pea, sprouted pumpkin seed), clean carbs (like organic quinoa, brown rice, sweet potato), and healthy fats (like MCT, avocado, flax). Added veggie greens provide micronutrients, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals to help energize every movement. Full spectrum electrolytes & digestive enzymes keep you hydrated & consistent to keep stacking mass, hitting PRs and scoring goals. Gain on!

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