Raw Nutritional Pure Organic Maca 225g

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You want to make maca powder a daily addition to your routine, to provide such an excellent and natural superfood to your body. It naturally supports your body to improve vitality, stamina, energy, skin appearances and much more. By being natural, your overall health will benefit from every parcel of this root simply with one serving (between 3-9g) per day.

The pure maca powder we are providing you comes from this herbaceous plant cultivated in the high Andean mountains of Peru. We are proud to encourage family-owned farms and fair trade certified farms by sourcing this superfood directly from those hard workers who want to provide the best quality product.


This sun-dried powder, which has been made by removing all sorts of starch to facilitate the bioavailability of its properties as well as digestion, can be consumed in multiple ways. It's always a great addition to overall health by adding some in a smoothie, yogurt, cereals, pancakes mix, and even baking with. The nutty taste and subtle touch of sweetness make every bit of a meal satisfying.

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