Synergenex Ephedrine HCL 50 Tablets

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Take your workouts to the next level with Ephedrine HCL by Synergenex. This powerful supplement has dozens of benefits, but it’s most commonly seen as an adrenaline stimulant. You’ll feel the effects the minute you step into the gym, thanks to a boost of cardiovascular performance and physical strength.

  • Boosts metabolism
  • Increases adrenaline
  • Vasodilator
  • Powerful strength
  • Helps reduce fat
  • Reduces appetite
  • 50 tablets


If you want to boost your resting metabolic rate and reduce fat, you need Ephedrine HCL. This compound increases vasodilation, helping the blood transport more nutrients to the muscles and throughout the body. Take Ephedrine HCL in the morning or mid-afternoon to boost your metabolism and reduce overall fat.


In addition to increasing your metabolism, Ephedrine HCL reduces your appetite. These two factors combined make ephedrine one of the most powerful fat reduction supplements on the market.

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