Tested Nutrition Creatine HCL 120 & 240 Capsules

Servings: 120 capsules
Sale price$32.97


Tested Creatine HCL 120Cap

This product contains 100% pure creatine hydrochloride, which makes it the highest soluble creatine on the market. Tests have shown it to be 59 times more powerful than regular creatine monohydrate with none of the potential side effect.

Tested Creatine HCL Benefits:

- Massive strength increase
- Muscle mass and endurance
- Perfect for recovering from training
- No bloating or water retention
- No need to load this form of Creatine

How do I take Tested Creatine HCL?

Normal dosage is around 1 capsule for every 100lbs of body weight. On training days take the serving prior to working out. Please make sure you keep yourself well hydrated to see maximal effects from this product.

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